Friends across the sea

Last time we were in Göteborg we spent lovely moments with people whose friendship means more to us than just simple words. Lars-Åke and Marja, whom Andreea met 3 years ago and 2500 km away, in Greece, have become among the few people in our lives that inspire others with their own stories and life experiences. A sturdy life of travelling, working and enjoying simple and yet meaningful moments have proven to us that the life in ones years is more precious than the other way around.  
This time we spent two days in their home, we took a guided tour through the city of Göteborg and prepared dinner seasoned with sweet and spicy stories. There are moments when it is no need to be aware of how fast time is passing by and try to create as many good and wonderful memories as possible because in the end, we are but a handful of memories that show who we were and what we have become throughout the years.
Fueled with ambitions and good memories we march on in this never-ending journey we like to call life, with friends by our side, towards unknown paths that await in the mists of future times.


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