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Chapter IV- Barcelona

Barcelona was initially not included in our traveling plans simply because it is to big of a city to squeeze it in a one week plan. Considering what destinations we included in our itinerary, our fear was somewhat justified. Nevertheless, we thought that it is an opportunity that we might not want to miss, who knows when we will feel in the mood to visit a big city. We decided therefore to allocate 2 days to the capital of Catalunia and this is because we heard wonderful things about it from friends. We were coming from Andorra la Vella and the expectations were quite high. One should imagine that these two cities are completely different and, naturally, what you like in one place might be disappointing in the other and viceversa. Well, the first impression was not that good. A sea of people swarming the wide streets, noise coming from construction sites, traffic, congestion...and this was not even in the central part. Unfortunately the way to the hostel meant that we were supposed to g…