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The longest day yet

So far, the road had taken us along the south coast of Iceland. The experience was nothing less than memorable. At the end of day 3 we camped in Hofn, a small and elegant fishing town on the south-east coast and probably the last relatively big settlement on the road heading north. It was a good opportunity to tank up and buy some supplies for the long road ahead.

One thing to bare in mind, although we probably mentioned this before, is that if you plan for the ring road in Iceland, is best to know exactly when and where to tank up because fuel stations are not so frequent in this country, especially on the east coast.

We were warned by the people from the car rental office to be careful if driving on the east coast. The roads aren't as friendly as on the south coast, they can be "asphalt free" and treacherous. Were they right!! We never thought that the driving experience itself would be so unbelievably diverse. It was like we wanted to quickly go through all the dangerou…