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Stranded in the fjord-day 3

The day that ended shortly after midnight was by far the most intense and demanding of the entire trip in the Lofoten Islands. More than 10 hours to reach Hermannsdalstinden (1029 m) and then down to the shore of Reinefjord, during which we felt amazement, weariness, serenity,pure joy and exhaustion. We met Ola and Mariusz with whom we were to spend the rest of our days in Norway. All in all, the effort was entirely worth it. From personal experience, all the effort, the sweat and sometimes miss-guided anger that might have been felt during a trip, are remembered with more understanding for the situation. Many times, this kind of experience has more meaning for us because the sacrifices that we make help us in building a strong and healthy character. We went to sleep shortly after midnight. You couldn't tell the time because there was still plenty of light, as if the Sun had just hid behind the horizon. We would have wanted to spend more time photographing this midnight light but t…

Entering the realms of Lofoten

From Trondheim, we embarked on a 10 hour long night train across and beyond the arctic circle, to Bodø. We slept as we could, in the 2 hours or maybe less of real darkness. It was funny to see the Sun going down and behind the horizon and, in a blink of an eye, see it again coming up on the other side. We anxiously passed the arctic circle, in a land that seemed a vast plateau with scarce vegetation and clusters of old snow. After that, the train rushed downstream to its final descent and towards Bodø. We had about 25 minutes to go from the train station to the ferry that would take us to Lofoten Islands. The weather was not on our side, strong winds, threat of rain and barely any visibility in the horizons. After 3 hours, the rocky and steep shores of the islands greeted us, revealing for short periods of time, their unsurpassed wild beauty. We got off the ferry and rushed towards the tourist center to get a decent topographic map of the area.  We did not want to stay much in Moskenes so w…