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Our story and portrait of Matterhorn

How fond are you of mountains? If the answer is very much then this story might be of interest to you and, who knows, you might enjoy the photos as well. We will take you at the foot of one of the most picturesque and spectacular mountainscapes in Europe, the home of many four-thousanders and their king, the Matterhorn. We arrived in Zermatt on a Sunday. It was already dark outside and cloudy so we couldn't grasp the surroundings and make an idea of the geography of the area. We had however the feeling that we are close to something of great proportions, lurking in the dark, mighty and tremendous. We scouted the air for any chances to see through the low-lying clouds...nothing. The mountain was waiting... The village of Zermatt seemed very welcoming and friendly. It was February so naturally there were a lot of people, mostly skiers going back and forth, tiny and funny looking electrical cars that served as taxis in the area. One thing which is great about this place is that motor v…

Switzerland - first encounter

This is a story about our first encounter with Switzerland, a country which we wanted to visit for quite some time but never got the chance nor time to do so. Naturally, being the first visit, we planned for the most scenic route possible because we wanted to see everything. Well, not everything, but as much as the itinerary permitted.  The most accessible option was the Bernina Express, a panoramic train with giant windows, that traveled between Tirano, Italy and Chur, Switzerland. The train was reaching the maximum altitude of 2253 m (Bernina Pass) so we were not that disappointed of the weather at the time of departure from Tirano. We did however felt sorry that we couldn't see but glimpses of the beautiful valleys and meadows on the Italian side and the famous Brusio spiral viaduct, a key attraction along the Bernina Express due to its unique construction shape. 
By the time we reached 2000 m, the clouds scattered and we could finally see the world of perpetual snow, crests, icy …