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And then it was Trondheim

After just a few hours spent in Lillehammer, we departed to the first real destination in our itinerary, Trondheim. A long time had passed since we journeyed by train and we felt that inner joy and excitement that we used to have every time we embarked in a trip back in Romania, towards some remote location. A good four hours journey during which we had our eyes glued to a landscape that was changing by the second. Slowly the valleys were getting narrower and narrower, exposing steep slopes, ice-covered peaks and flat plateaus with snow that lasted over the year. Amazing landscape, woods spreading endlessly in the horizon and rapid streams gushing fiercely downstream. In Trondheim we arrived shortly after lunch. Heavily packed, we had more than half a day to get to know the city so we left our backpacks at the train station and made our way towards the inner city. Trondheim Cathedral

Trondheim University Old city bridge
Kristiansten Fortress The weather was unpredictable, changing from …