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Arctic summer-Prologue

This is a story about a trip that happened not so long ago in a land not so far away. Far too long have we been dreaming of walking the Norwegian wilderness and breathing strong, northern air, hiking mountains of alluring mystery and myth, sleeping under a starless sky, where midnight is lit not by the Moon but by the never-dying Sun. It is a story about nature, beautiful people, cities big and small, villages and the unpredictable. Like many other occasions, our trip started in our imagination but soon took shape when we decided to buy train tickets. As legends go, Norway is an extremely expensive country so we had to act carefully not to go bankrupt after only one week. The cheapest option, considering our plans, was to buy a national interrail ticket, usable for 6 days in a month. For the record, this is probably the best solution if you want to cover a large distance, no matter the country you travel to. In the end we used only 3 days of travelling out of the 6 but we still managed …