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And then it was Trondheim

After just a few hours spent in Lillehammer, we departed to the first real destination in our itinerary, Trondheim. A long time had passed since we journeyed by train and we felt that inner joy and excitement that we used to have every time we embarked in a trip back in Romania, towards some remote location. A good four hours journey during which we had our eyes glued to a landscape that was changing by the second. Slowly the valleys were getting narrower and narrower, exposing steep slopes, ice-covered peaks and flat plateaus with snow that lasted over the year. Amazing landscape, woods spreading endlessly in the horizon and rapid streams gushing fiercely downstream. In Trondheim we arrived shortly after lunch. Heavily packed, we had more than half a day to get to know the city so we left our backpacks at the train station and made our way towards the inner city. Trondheim Cathedral

Trondheim University Old city bridge
Kristiansten Fortress The weather was unpredictable, changing from …

Arctic summer-Prologue

This is a story about a trip that happened not so long ago in a land not so far away. Far too long have we been dreaming of walking the Norwegian wilderness and breathing strong, northern air, hiking mountains of alluring mystery and myth, sleeping under a starless sky, where midnight is lit not by the Moon but by the never-dying Sun. It is a story about nature, beautiful people, cities big and small, villages and the unpredictable. Like many other occasions, our trip started in our imagination but soon took shape when we decided to buy train tickets. As legends go, Norway is an extremely expensive country so we had to act carefully not to go bankrupt after only one week. The cheapest option, considering our plans, was to buy a national interrail ticket, usable for 6 days in a month. For the record, this is probably the best solution if you want to cover a large distance, no matter the country you travel to. In the end we used only 3 days of travelling out of the 6 but we still managed …

Epilogue- Narbonne

Our Mediterranean journey has come to a beautiful end in Narbonne, France, not far from where we started the adventure a week before. Narbonne is part of the same region as Carcassonne, Languedoc-Roussillon respectively and is world famous for its surrounding vineyards. As Carcassonne, Narbonne is linked to the Canal du Midi through the Canal de la Robine which runs through the central part of the city. It is a small yet elegant urban settlement with a historical centre dominated by the 13th century Cathedrale de Narbonne, designed by the same architect that worked on the Cathedrale de Toulouse, Jean Deschamps. Remnants of the roman occupation are prominent in the center as well, especially the Roman Horreum, a system of underground tunnels used as grain warehouses.
 Cathedrale de Narbonne (Cathedrale Saint Just et Saint Pasteur de Narbonne)

Canal de la Robine

For about 9 euros you can visit the most important sites in Narbonne and if you are a history and art passionate you will not grow…