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Continuous daylight

One does not really sleep in Iceland, during summertime. How could you, when there is no real night? If it weren't for all the splendors surrounding us at each step, constantly engaging us, we would have been crushed by weariness after only one day.  There are a handful of transport possibilities when arriving in Iceland. If you plan on staying here more than a few days, and you probably are, you would want to travel a bit outside Reykjavik's comfort zone. Renting a car or caravan is the best choice because it gives you that freedom to stop whenever and wherever you want. There are plenty of camping places, specially dedicated to cars and caravans, with everything you need for a decent (luxurious even) stay. If one is after the true and complete Icelandic experience, biking is definitely the choice. We have encountered many people along the road that biked the country. Many of them were here for months, going around the island. 

If you prefer not to travel to much from one point…

Iceland- the country of fire and ice

Surrounded by the Atlantic, partially covered with ice, crested by deep valleys, strong waterfalls, Iceland is the tip of the sword above the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. A vast land of incredible natural diversity, from the snow covered peaks in the center to the endless black-sand beaches that struggle vigorously with the Atlantic waves. It is the place where ice and fire coexist, giving a unique landscape where glaciers form on top of volcanoes, lava springs out from under the ice,  mud boils at the surface and sulfur-rich waters heal any wound. Father time and mother Earth have been both generous and cruel with these lands. The beauty and wealth found here is only equaled by the numerous natural disasters that have crippled the country's forest surface to almost nothing and decimated the population throughout history. Any geologist would easily agree that Iceland is more than fascinating. Speaking from personal experience and knowledge, Iceland is definitely one of the best places to be…