Break in Berlin

It didn't take long for us to decide to get away, even for two days, from the mess of our daily routines. We have had the idea to visit Berlin for quite some time but never found the initiative to actually go there, until now.
Bought bus tickets a few hours before departure and left Copenhagen in the middle of the night.
The Reichstag
 The weather was terrible, so terrible that we were very reluctant about getting the camera out. It's actually comforting sometimes to simply enjoy the new scenery without worrying about light, composition, angles and so on.

 Interbelic romance
 Genuine tourism
Berlin definitely looks like a capital that has kept the memory of its tumultuous past alive. A strong economical and architectural contrast can be observed throughout the city, ranging from high-tech and futuristic looking buildings to degraded facades, neighborhoods that seem to shelter dark and not-so-touristic aspects of the berliner life.
It is a city that acknowledges its powerful and painful past and tries in a modern and interactive manner to transmit its energy to fresh eyes.

 Brandenburg gate
Quadriga on top of the Brandenburg gate


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