Chapter I- Carcassonne

Too much time has passed since we last ventured abroad and this thought was making us restless. And so we began planning. We wanted to see a country we've previously never been to and we ended up visiting 2 new countries... that's just the way we are.
The primary destination was southern France, the city of Carcassonne to be more precise. Beautiful stories and a great history surrounds this city, especially its establishments within the fortified walls.
Carcassonne is located in the Aude department, region of Languedoc-Roussillon, which spreads from the warm azure shores of the Mediterranean, to the foot of the Pyrenees. The region is known, besides the fortress of Carcassonne of course, for its exquisite vineyards and the "Canal du Midi" (UNESCO monument), a 241 km-long water canal built in the 17th century which links the Mediterranean with the Atlantic Ocean through the river Garonne. We might add the splendid mixture of small old villages and the soft wavy relief which make for perfect photographic material.
We spent two days in such a small village called Villasavary, in the home of two wonderful people, Delphine and Olivier...and Attila, their 7 years old dog. The experience was unforgettable and definitely repeatable.

We were a bit unfortunate to be here during the only two rainy days of the week and therefore we had little opportunity to expose the splendors of Carcassonne as they appear on a sunny day.

 Basilica of Saint Nazaire and Saint Celse

 Cassoulet- traditional dish (white beans, pork sausages and duck prepared in a clay pot)

 Putting aside the weather, our stay in Carcassonne was nothing less than extraordinary, worthy of the memories chest.

The very best!


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